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Certified Tantra Educator /Adult Sex Education / Relationship Coach / Reiki Master

What is working for me today 8/18/2016

Today I am feeling grateful for all the students that came to class last night on When, Why, and How to Enter Into a Sexual Relationship. It was so much fun talking about sex and relationships, what they mean to each person, and how to approach them. Awakening to feeling so much love, joy and peace this morning. Got up, took our puppy for a brisk walk, did my yoga, received a call for a new part time job (GS position sweet!) and another new client. ( 3rd one this month) and now pulling together my September class on “Cunning Linguistics for Her Pleasure”. I LOVE MY LIFE !!!!! Thank you Universe / Source / Goddess / God / Creator / and all other recognitions for granting me the grace and ease of which my life is flowing.