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Quieting the Hamsters in your brain!

Do you ever have those days or worse, those nights where the mind is running a hundred miles an hour about stuff and you cannot sleep or focus your thoughts?
You know what I mean, we have all been there.

There are ways to quiet the hamsters in your brain, get them off of that wheel!
Through the BREATH!

Here is how.

Find a quiet place to sit.
Sitting straight up, close your eyes.

Take in a long slow deep breath. Focus on feeling the air move through the nose.

Now a long slow exhale, imagining you are sending roots from the base of your spine deep into the earth. Do this for a couple of breaths. Continue to concentrate on feeling the air.

Now continue each breath slowly. Breathing in, first filling your belly, then letting your ribs and chest expand, the belly pulling in a bit, and when you feel full shrug your shoulders and take that last sniff in to fill the tops of the lungs. Now swallow and hold your breath for about 4 – 5 seconds ( this will lengthen in time )

Then slowly with control, let the breath out. Still feeling it as it moves through the nose.
Thoughts will come, notice them and let them go. Return to feeling the air move through the nose.

When all the air is out, contract your belly to really empty the lungs, and hold it OUT for 3 – 5 seconds. Feel into being empty.

Now breath in again with control, concentrating on feeling the breath move in and out. Holding it at the top and the bottom. Focusing your mind on feeling.

Soon enough the flow of thoughts will slow, and stop. The more focused you are on feeling into your body, the quicker your mind will quiet.

This is called the Complete Breath. It will help you get “out of your mind” and into your body. The more you practice this the quicker and easier it becomes. So, here is to finding that restful sleep, and supercharged day!

Mark Ray