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Dear Mark Ray,
Thank you so much for your healing Tantric work with me. I am so deeply grateful, words definitely cannot express what it means to me and what it’s brought to my life (even some of which I’m still discovering)!
My first Tantric healing session with Mark Ray has brought so much magic and healing into my life, in so many subtle and not-so subtle ways. (smile emoticon) I find myself at a loss for words in trying to convey how much this work, and his guidance, are serving me. I could fill many pages sharing all of the layers, insights, and transformations that occurred during and as a result of my session. In Mark Ray’s loving, clear presence, I felt truly safe, deeply honored for who I am, nurtured and challenged, and met fully in all ways. This experience showed me how deeply my own, and our society’s, shame about sexuality and pleasure go, particularly as a woman. This has brought to the surface so many difficult and painful feelings. My session also gave me the space to feel and honor the deep prayer, longing, and hope within myself to release this association between sex and shame. Thank you, Mark Ray, for this incredible ceremony; the opportunity to feel and release so much pain, grief, and anger; for helping me to see and experience how much love, honor, and good touch my partner gives to me (despite my past fears and projections); and, most of all, for helping me give myself greater permission to receive, love, and enjoy my own pleasure!
Thank you!

Jyn Repede – Santa Fe

“I had the privilege to work with Mark doing sacred spot healing on my wife. Mark was very nurturing and an excellent tantra practitioner. He was very loving and professional. He was safe.
It was very healing for both my wife and myself, we both healed old wounds and patterns around jealousy, shame and guilt.
I highly recommend Mark to anyone seeking to heal themselves from the bondage of old beliefs, wounds and patterns. Mark is very sensitive to one’s needs and wants and hopes and fears.”

John Love, CO

“When I first met Mark, I could sense he was a very powerful healer.
No matter what kind of interaction (email, in-­person session, or speaking with him), you can feel some type of healing and/or transformation occurring.
For me, my healing session was precisely what it needed to be, a hypnotic journey to identify blocks I had and learn new techniques to release them.
Mark is a very powerful healer, and creates a safe environment. I have already recommended him to numerous colleagues and friends, and I continue to benefit from his gifts.”

EG, Albuquerque


I reached out to Mark for Tantric massage, partially skeptical in the effects but trusting in the care and professionalism that he exemplifies. The day after the massage I felt an amazing surge in energy; I woke up before my alarm ready to start the day with an intense focus. I can truly attribute this noticeable change to his amazing work!I felt both safe and cared for at all times and I’m so grateful for the experience.

“Mark has such an intelligence that is radiating from his heart and hands. His touch and understanding of my energy helped me to surrender and relax into pure deepness. Trust has been a struggle for me and Mark held me safely. Thank you for being that vastness of pure energy. You are truly rare! massage table to essential oils were an additional bonus. I am looking forward to our next session.”

Ekani, LA


“It was a great experience having a session with Mark. I felt he was there for me 100% and that was priceless, he was holding space for me in a very loving way. Mark is a worthtrusting man with a huge heart, he is very professional with his work. Very important to me was that he listened to me and my needs, and he did just the right things for me to feel safe and relax. I really appreciate what he did for me, I will never forget this beautiful session, a meaningful one.”

Jayya, Mexico


“I met Mark Ray at a 4 day Tantra retreat on 12/12/12 and scheduled a Tantra Healing with him. Being new to Tantra, and not knowing what to expect or what it would involve, I was immediately put at ease with Mark’s professionalism, energy and warmth. Our session lasted over 2 hours and I can honestly say it was one of the most transformational and healing experiences of my life! Mark intuitively knew where to go and what to do which allowed me to relax, trust and ultimately release “issues in the tissues” that were more deeply rooted than I ever knew. His knowledge and training in massage and Reiki combined with his intuitive skills makes him a powerful healer. I recommend Mark wholeheartedly to everyone and can’t wait for my next session with him! His talents are truly a gift.”

Public Relations & Coordinator
“A Woman’s Forum”
To Serve, Support & Inspire


“My session with Mark was very healing. He brings a wonderful combination of professionalism, safety, skillful touch, and energetic attunement to his work. I found it easy to relax and trust, which facilitated the deep healing I was wanting. Thank you, Mark, for your dedication and loving service.”

A.M., Santa Fe


“I was nervous at 1st to work with Mark, but he felt safe and I am so thankful that I followed my intuition and had Mark with me.
Mark made me feel that the session was all about me, he made me feel safe and important. He genuine cared about my needs and well being, he was very nurturing.
At 1st I wasn’t allowing myself to feel any pleasure, I was totally numb, because old beliefs and patterns were showing up. Mark lovingly and patiently allowed me to work though my issues that then enabled me to heal old hurts and wounds that had held me back for so long.
Once I got passed my issues, I then gave myself permission to relax and receive pleasure. Mark knew exactly what to do, it was totally awesome and incredible.
I highly recommend Mark. Thank you Mark, you’ve changed my life.”

Sue Love, CO


I was a little nervous at first to do sacred tantra work, but Marks energy & devotion to his oath made me feel very comfortable. I was able to relax & fully open up to areas that needed healing and release. I wholeheartedly recommend him & his intimate tantra work for women who are on this path.
J.M , Los Angeles 02/2015


Hey……its been a long while. I thought I’d give you an update & express my appreciation to you as you really helped me through a tough period in my life. I am no longer suicidal & no longer married. I graduated from intensive therapy & found a great team to do physical therapy with. I’m in a new relationship that is more satisfying & fulfilling than I could have even imagined. Its nice to be with someone who accepts my sexuality & who is not intimidated by it. I hope this note finds you well & I miss you. *hugs*
S. G. , Albuquerque 07/2015


‘Kay, here we go. Not sure how to put all this into words but I shall try. I worked with you early last year (2014) and it was a beautiful thing. I began pouring my heart out – first to you over coffee and dinner, then in my journal. It was like a dam had burst and I was no longer willing or able to keep secret the things I’d been trying to ignore or hide from. In the ritual I felt beautiful, like I mattered, like I was seen. That was a very new thing to me and something I discovered very quickly I wanted to share with other people. Disfunctional patterns, habits and relationships became glaringly obvious. Over time I began to feel a stronger sense of myself. I started making forays into those things I had always been interested in but kept telling myself no for various and sundry “reasons”. I got braver and more outspoken. I started really going after my sexual self development like it mattered, like my life depended on it. It did and it definitely does! My life is so much richer for having my sexuality validated, for having been gifted with such love and appreciation as I was in our session! I remember that session often like a heart treasure.

Not everything has been rosy since our session. As a matter of fact, I began noticing pretty quickly how I began to feel tired and unbalanced. New energy requires integration and I was integrating like a mofo! There were moments I was out right dragging and exhausted! And it wasn’t just for a few weeks after our session, either. Though I welcome change, it can be draining as things shift and integrate. There were also impulses to retreat into solitude. I had a lot of days where I felt the need to “blow shit up” due to my need for solitude being unmet or deferred and had to find alternate ways of shifting that energy. I became less tolerant of poor treatment and more aware of the subtle ways I was allowing abuse. I started plugging the holes with a quickness, which caused more shifts in my energy and relationships. During all this shifting and swirling of energy I committed to becoming softer and more vulnerable.I began living from the heart. I began to explore a concept you shared with me: if it’s not a hell yeah, then it’s a no.

“If it’s not a hell yeah, then it’s a no” is an amazing lens from which to view life. It takes some getting used to for sure! During the adjustment it can seem scary as hell! I worried a lot about how I was going to make this work. Eventually I just said “fuck it!” and started applying the philosophy at first in small places then to bigger and more important issues. Now I’m all in. Still scary? Sure! But once you get used to living from a place of pleasure, the alternative is painful. I’m not about trying to live a life of pain! lol Another benefit? My time from desire to manifestation has gotten shorter. If I’m clear and it’s something I really want then there’s very little time anymore between the wanting and the having, something I discovered very recently. The key is getting clear.

Anyway, I guess here is as good a place as any to wrap up. Thank you, Mark for our session and for your continued support and friendship afterwards. You’re an amazing person and Im happy and honored to have met and worked with you!

~ Stasi 🙂 <3 <3 <3