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Certified Tantra Educator /Adult Sex Education / Relationship Coach / Reiki Master

Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Women

Is Intimacy Coaching for you?

As life gets busier, more stressful, worries crop up about family, friends your relationship, you forget to really take care of yourself, and one of the first things to go is your sex drive.

We don’t realize how much of our self esteem and “feeling good” is connected to our sexuality. We let go of the opportunities for bonding, connection, intimacy and relationship that good sex will create, not to mention all those “feel good” chemicals that flood the brain.

Our society has conditioned us with a tremendous amount of guilt, shame or fear that paralyzes our efforts to get in contact with our sensual and sexual side. Early sexual trauma or abuse, failed relationships, inability to orgasm, lack of sexual desire and negative body image are among a few of women’s concerns.

When you get in touch with your pleasure, desires and passions you gain confidence and personal power in all other aspects of your life. By reclaiming your sexuality and developing healthy sexual attitude, strong boundaries and stronger self ­esteem, Others will see your radiance coming through you and are drawn to the energy and confidence you project.

Intimacy coaching will help you to:

• Learn to love your whole self, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually
• Reconnect with your desires
• Enjoy your sexuality
• Learn to ask for what you want, effectively communicate your needs
• Empower your boundaries
• Heal from trauma or abuse
• Discover the joys of your g­-spot
• Become orgasmic or multi­-orgasmic
• Expand your consciousness and awareness in regards to your sexuality
• Turn ordinary sex into an ecstatic experience
• Learn to communicate effectively so your partner will generously give to you

Private Sessions are reasonably priced on a sliding scale of $100/hr – $200/hr.

Coaching, Phone or Skype sessions $50/hr

Tantra Healing Sessions
are an intuitive guided session where you will experience powerful healing through energetic touch, conscious connection, movement and sound. Here you may clear some of the old stuck emotional energies that cause the fears that hold you back from creating the life you desire. Over the course of our lifetimes we add layers of armor over our hearts, and create blocks to doing the things we want to do. These emotional blocks are usually created by fear, and are caused by any kinds of traumas, be they verbal, situational, or physical. When something causes us to be afraid that causes us to contract and create another layer or armour. Much can be done to shift these energies though it may take more than a few sessions to heal what needs to be healed. There are layers to all of us.
Some people are cautious and take a while to gently dip their toe into the water to see if it safe and feels right, other people jump into the water like a cannon ball, and both are perfect just the way they are. That being the case, I offer experiences from breath-work, sounding and emotional release techniques to body work ranging from a traditional Swedish massage to the more sensual and intimate Tantric Healing Ceremony.
As a licensed Massage Therapist there are certain guidelines I must adhere to handed down by the State for services I charge for. The services I provide are not sex, and I do not provide any sexual services for clients.

Free Introduction: I prefer to meet in person over a tea or coffee, or have a phone conversation if you are new to Tantra and may be feeling nervous, sensitive, need to talk, & have a deep mistrust of men.  We will use this session to talk, to connect, to share your history, your hopes, and dreams, the fears you have, to build more trust and go over the plan that will work in our highest good.

Traditional Massage Therapy – $75/hr, $100/1.5hr, $135/2hr
When you are still nervous but are ready to proceed we will start here where you are fully draped so you feel warm, safe and secure. Through loving energetic touch you will feel relaxed in your body and mind by relaxing your tired muscles, and letting go of all thoughts and just unwind. We will establish a safe physical connection, and you may practice sharing feelings, giving feedback, and building more trust. Being seen, and having that space held for you right where you are at can be incredibly healing.

Sensual Massage – $75/hr, $100/1.5hr, $135/2hr
When you are ready to open up to the sensations in your body, this is a relaxing yet stimulating massage with a blend of many types of conscious touch with soft and firm strokes while draped in a European Spa style. You will learn breathing techniques to help move the energies in your body, and you are encouraged to ask for what your body wants and needs. Open your body to the flow of energy, and enjoy the full body relaxation this massage will bring. Gift yourself by honoring, respecting and appreciating your body with the option of loving sensual touch to titillate the senses.

Tantric Massage – $100/hr, $150/1.5hr, $200/2hr
When you are ready to go deeper and release those stuck energies and emotions that are always on the surface but never seem to go away. This is an energetic body-work session for healing, draped in the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi style. It blends the incredible power of your breath, sound, movement and touch to assist you in releasing some of those physical/emotional/sexual blockages. Energetically opening your heart, to experience more joy and expanded pleasure. Reclaim your connection to your higher self with feelings of sensuality, sexuality and joy.

Tantric Healing Ceremony – prior Massage session(s) is a prerequisite.
The Tantric Healing Ceremony has been the most powerful healing experiences I have ever been a part of. This is a 2 hour journey of sensual pleasure that can release the deepest blockages we hold around shame, sexual trauma, body image, trust, and many other issues, all in a sacred space where you will feel safe, nurtured and held. It may begin by creating a deeper connection through breath, chakra alignment, and / or a Sacred Bath, moving into a full body massage to stimulate the body, then moves to a full Tantric massage, intended to raise your sexual energies that will then raise your spiritual-emotional vibrations for you to experience bliss, joy, intimacy and openness.

To find out more and have that first conversation about your transformation into the life you want to lead please contact me.
I would be honored to have that initial conversation, at no cost to you, to see if Tantric Healing is right for you.

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