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Certified Tantra Educator /Adult Sex Education / Relationship Coach / Reiki Master

Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Men

Any man looking to experience true ecstatic union and enhance his erotic life can benefit from Sex and Intimacy coaching. why be a good lover, when you can be a master lover?

Sex can be glorious, spiritual even, bringing you to heightened levels of ecstasy both with yourself and others, sadly often times the reality pales in comparison. It can be mess of confusion, discomfort, shame , disappointment and sadness.

Becoming an extraordinary lover, with success in dating, and attracting women all begins with You. Before you can connect with a woman it’s essential to experience confidence in yourself along with being comfortable and accepting of your desires. As a man, you must be clear about who you are and what you need before engaging with anyone. Learn to live your life with integrity, honesty, and honoring yourself, and others will honor you. You can empower yourself by being vulnerable while in a safe space. Letting go of the fears and conditionings that hold you back from your true desires, clearing the way to become the incredible man you know you can be.

Working from all levels of body, mind, heart and soul, you will learn to reach the heights of pleasure and to practice these techniques as part of your daily life.

• Gain confidence in yourself and acceptance of your desires.
• Find your power, and learn to live from there. Confidence is sexy!
• Through breath work and movement you will expand orgasmic energy by stimulating the flow of life ­force through the body
• You will learn and enhance ejaculatory control, creating the ability last longer and be able to have sex as often and as long as she desires.
• Conserve and transform sexual energy to reinvigorate your mind and body.
• Have improved stamina and enhanced sensation.
• Heal from prior trauma, abuse and/or cultural wounding.
• Learn the anatomy of your lover, and how to best stimulate them.
• Learn how to be completely present during lovemaking.
• How to bring consciousness in to your touch, your kiss, your lovemaking, thus elevating it for both of you.

Mens’ Private Sessions are on a sliding scale of $100/hr – $200/hr
Coaching, Phone or Skype sessions $50/hr

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