Southwest Tantra | Daka Ray | Tucson, AZ

Certified Tantra Educator /Adult Sex Education / Relationship Coach / Reiki Master

Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Couples

Couples coaching helps you to identify and transform the beliefs and patterns that often limit relationships, thereby creating a more satisfying, open and loving connection. Common challenges and sexual concerns faced by individuals and couples include lack of desire, difficulty achieving orgasm, painful sex, sexual inhibitions, body image issues, and sexual addictions. Traditional relationship counseling can help with many problems, but too often, people don’t break the patterns through talk alone. Couples Sex and Intimacy Coaching is more than just giving advice, it is an experiential way of for change to happen.

In my couples sessions it is very important to me, that both of you feel safe and comfortable. So, let your curiosity run! This is a time to be playful and excited about being with your partner and learning new ways to please each other.

When you both are feeling safe, each of you can relax into each moment and really experience the sensations that will run through your bodies. Clearing your minds, relieving stresses, and awakening the love and desire you feel for each other.

You will learn and practice techniques on:
• How to align your chakras (energy centers) and connect with your partner on a deeper even spiritual level.
• How the energy moves through our bodies in order to raise the sexual energy even higher.
• You will learn techniques and knowledge on touching, kissing, and how to arouse each other (though most sexy couples are pretty good at that already).
• Massage techniques for her Yoni ( Sacred Space / Vagina )
• Massage techniques for his Lingam ( Wand of Light / Penis ).
• Different techniques and positions of love making and the benefits of each.
• Breathing and manual techniques for prolonging sex (ejaculatory control for him)
• How to enhance orgasms making them bigger, last longer and have more of them.

Basic Coaching Session $50/hr
Couples Training Session $200/hr

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