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Quieting the Hamsters in your brain!

Do you ever have those days or worse, those nights where the mind is running a hundred miles an hour about stuff and you cannot sleep or focus your thoughts? You know what I mean, we have all been there. There are ways to quiet the hamsters in your brain, get them off of that […]

Gentlemen, hear what she says.

This was a quick little article that holds a lot of wisdom for men in how to be in relationship. If Men Actually Did These 15 Things, Women Would Want Sex All The Time

What is working for me today 8/18/2016

Today I am feeling grateful for all the students that came to class last night on When, Why, and How to Enter Into a Sexual Relationship. It was so much fun talking about sex and relationships, what they mean to each person, and how to approach them. Awakening to feeling so much love, joy and […]

What is working for me today 05/17/2016

I love my life! Noticing how the times that I am down, give me the opportunity, and reminders to practice the tools I have learned in how to turn that around. Not by denying what is bothering me, but by transforming the way I feel, by my own CHOICE. Opening my heart, and being grateful.

My Latest Testimonial

This testimonial really touched my heart. I knew it was a very profound session, and I have to admit I am both awed and humbled by how powerful this Tantric Healing work is. My client was enthusiastic about me sharing her words, so here they are: Dear Mark Ray, Thank you so much for your […]

Link to Source School of Tantra Yoga

The following is my affiliate link to Source School of Tantra Yoga where I received my training from Charles Muir. If you are looking to purchase some of his CD’s or sign up for a seminar with Charles himself, I would appreciate you using my link. A little commission is good for the soul, and […]

Women who like to Fuck!

This is a great Poem / video performance by Erin Sternstein on Women Who Like to Fuck. I am a strong supporter of women’s empowerment. I teach the men I know and meet, that an empowered woman is the greatest gift this world has to offer. A woman who has embraced her sexuality, who has […]

What is working for me today 12/9/2015.

Today I am feeling inspired to start offering more Tantra classes in the Tucson area. I have the spaces and am so excited to help grow our community. To be able to share these incredible transformative teachings with everyone I can, makes my heart sing. To show people how to bring more happiness, joy, pleasure […]

New rates in January

Here is my version of a public service announcement. As I have become busier and busier, the time has come to re-evaluate the rates for services. I do want to continue to offer my services at an affordable price, and at the same time recognize the value of what I offer. As of January 1, […]